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Mã sản phẩm1816ST
Tên sản phẩmWallace Stylet for Introducing Catheter 18cm/23cm
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The range of Wallace embryo replacement catheters has been designed in co-operation with the pioneers of IVF in order to maximise success rates. In comparative studies, the Wallace embryo replacement catheter has consistently produced significantly higher successful pregnancy rates than alternative catheters.
Product Features
  • Smooth tip
  • Smooth consistent inner lumen
  • Formable, smooth outer sheath
  • Centimetre markings on inner catheter and outer sheath
  • Rigid, but malleable stylet
  • Colour coded, flush bonded hubs
  • Range of catheter lengths
Product Benefits
  • Ensures atraumatic embryo replacement
  • Eases expulsion of embryos and minimises opportunity for retained embryos
  • Adapt catheter to accommodate individual patient anatomy
  • Confident placement of embryos
  • Stylet allows the Wallace catheter to be used in more difficult transfers
  • Effective control and confidence in use
  • A catheter length to suit individual patient anatomy
Ordering Information:Box quantity: 10
Minimum order quantity: 1
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