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A rinsing medium is used to physically wash the cumulus-oocyte complex at the room’s atmosphere in preparation for denudation for the Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), oocyte vitrification, or conventional insemination for in vitro fertilization. A buffered medium is essential to maintain homeostasis during this process.

90125 - HTF Medium with Gentamicin

90126 - Modified HTF Medium with Gentamicin - HEPES

mHTF Medium is a synthetic, defined solution for procedures which include the retrieval, handling and transfer of human gametes and embryos. mHTF uses a buffering system composed of a 21 mM HEPES and 4 mM Sodium Bicarbonate combination.

This buffering system does not require the use of a CO2 incubator.

100 mL
90163 - Multipurpose Handling Medium™ (MHM™)

90166 - Multipurpose Handling Medium™ -Complete (MHM™-C) with Gentamicin

Multipurpose Handling Medium™ -Complete (MHM™-C) with Human Serum Albumin is the first dual buffered solution that provides a safe and secure environment to maintain viability of gametes and embryos during manipulations under ambient conditions. The MHM™ solution contains key amino acids and is formulated with a unique combination buffering system of HEPES and MOPS to maintain pH across a more broad range of temperature at room atmosphere, and support optimal cell growth. This buffered medium is for oocyte handling, embryo transfer, micromanipulation and gamete washing and does not require the use of a CO2 incubator.

Pre-supplemented with HSA for a final total protein concentration of 5 mg/mL.

100mL, 500 mL.
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