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Density gradient separation is one of the most common sperm preparation techniques, where concentrated sperm with the best motility are separated from other debris (poor or non-motile sperm, white blood cells, etc.) by using a colloidal solution of different densities.

99264 - ISolate®

ISolate® is a ready-to-use density gradient medium at two concentrations, 50% upper layer, and 90% lower layer.

12 x 6 ml vial kit - 18 determinations2 x 50 ml vial kit - 25 determinations sperm survival assay.

99275 - ISolate® Stock Solution

ISolate® Stock Solution is a 90% density gradient medium for use in one step procedure or for further dilution. Sperm survival assay.

100 mL. NOTE: 500 mL packaging available by standing order only.

99306 - ISolate® Concentrate

ISolate® Concentrate is a Colloidal Silica Concentrate for further dilution into density gradients. Formulated in an isotonic buffer and approximates the density of undiluted Percoll®.

100 mL. NOTE: 500 mL and 1 L packaging available by standing order only.
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